A Herndon Artist Has Been Instagramming Beautiful Illustrations of Olympians

I’ve been a fan of Herndon illustrator Lakshmi Sarkar ever since I found her exquisite fashion illustrations on Instagram. Lakshmi is a painter and illustrator who loves color and is inspired by her Indian roots. She posts regularly to her Instagram account with her gorgeous paintings and drawings. I can’t get enough. (I mean, just take a look at this one. Or this one. Or this one. Stunning.)

Since the Olympics began last week, Lakshmi has also been painting some of the stars of the Summer Games. “I decided to do these illustrations because Olympians epitomize hard work, focus and talent,” Lakshmi explained. “They make it look so easy. We don’t get to see years of hard work that goes into making them the best in the world. In my own small way, I’d like to honor them for what they’ve achieved and proving that practice does make perfect.”

It is fascinating to learn how athleticism can be inspiration for art. “I love illustrating their movement because it adds so much more interest to the illustration,” she told me. “Although my pens and brushes can’t keep up with Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt!”

Here are some of Lakshmi’s series of 2016 Summer Olympians:

Allyson Felix


What an inspiration! @simonebiles, take a bow ?? 

A photo posted by Lakshmi Sarkar (@lakshsarkar) on

Simone Biles


@kledecky ?? It’s like she has propellers on her feet in water. What a rockstar! #katieledecky 

A photo posted by Lakshmi Sarkar (@lakshsarkar) on

Katie Ledecky


The fast and furious @swimone13! Congratulations on making history ?? #simonemanuel 

A photo posted by Lakshmi Sarkar (@lakshsarkar) on

Simone Manuel


Michael Phelps


Usain Bolt


You can find lots more of Lakshmi Sarkar’s work on her Instagram account: @lakshsarkar

Her website is lsartillustrations.com and you can also find her on Facebook at LS Art & Illustrations and Etsy at LSartillustrations.

If you love Instagram, be sure to follow @modernreston, too! Which other local accounts do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.


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