Myths and Monsters of Reston, Virginia: A hilarious book about creatures that might live here but probably don’t

Recently I chatted over Lake Anne Brew House brews with Eric MacDicken and Kristina Alcorn about their hilarious new book, Myths & Monsters of Reston, Virginia. These two kept me laughing so hard that I didn’t notice two hours going by. As I reluctantly packed up at the end of a fun evening, I realized that I still had…

December 1, 2016

A Herndon Artist Has Been Instagramming Beautiful Illustrations of Olympians

I’ve been a fan of Herndon illustrator Lakshmi Sarkar ever since I found her exquisite fashion illustrations on Instagram. Lakshmi is a painter and illustrator who loves color and is inspired by her Indian roots. She posts regularly to her Instagram account with her gorgeous paintings and drawings. I can’t get enough. (I mean, just take a look…

August 15, 2016