Trail Tour: The Open Green Spaces of Reston National Golf Course

Now that spring has arrived, treat yourself to a walk through some of Reston’s most beautiful scenery. Here is the next tour in Modern Reston’s series of trail tours: a walk at Reston National Golf Course. This route is great in all seasons, with shade in the summer, vibrant foliage in the fall, and sunny fields in the winter. My favorite time of year for this trail is early springtime, when magnolias, cherry trees, and daffodils are in bloom along the route.

This 2.4-mile loop is paved and mostly flat, and fine for strollers and wheelchairs. The trail crosses open fields and follows a wooded stream, so I recommend sunscreen and insect repellant when needed.

This trail gets a little twisty, so you may want to load this photo tour on your phone and follow along as you walk. But be sure to look up from that phone and take in Reston’s natural scenery, abundant wildlife, and unique architecture.


Park at Newbridge Recreation Area, at 11768 Golf Course Square in Reston. (Note that this parking lot is likely to be full during the summer months, when the pool is open. Park elsewhere nearby, but be sure not to park in reserved residential spots.)

Take the trail north from the parking lot. The pool and playing fields will be on your left.


The trail will pass through a residential community and lead to the golf course. At this point, you need to be careful to follow the signs to the public path. Do not take the golf course path.


The public path crosses over the golf course and offers great views of the green fields, and if you’re lucky, blue skies as well.


The trail comes to a T-junction. Turn right and head toward Soapstone Drive.


This time of year, there are tons of blooming magnolias at this part of the trail!


When you get to Soapstone, don’t cross the street. Head right to go south on the path. You’ll walk along Soapstone for a couple blocks, and then the trail will venture into the woods to the right, and lead you back to the golf course.


Once again, you get to walk next to the beautiful golf course, this time with a view of a pond in the distance. Be sure to walk on the public path on the left, and stay off the golf course path that runs parallel to it.


You’ll walk through a neighborhood and return to Soapstone. Eventually you’ll come to an intersection in the trail, with a tunnel to the left. Turn right.


You’ll walk along a wooded stream for a while, and then the trail will lead you back toward the golf course.


By this point, you’ll be feeling envious of the many people who live with views like this out their back windows, and you’ll be looking up real estate options.


The trail will lead you through another community, and then takes you to one of my favorite spots on this route: Links Pond. In early spring, there is a blossoming magnolia that arches over the water.


Follow the trail up to South Lakes Drive and turn right. The trail follows the south side of the golf course for a couple blocks, with grand views.


You will come to a trail intersection with another tunnel on the left. Go straight, and then follow the trail up the hill to the right.


At this point, you will cross the golf course again. You’ll love the views of rolling hills and open skies. Be sure to walk quietly so you don’t disturb golfers who are trying to concentrate, and follow signs for the public path. At the intersection in the photo above, turn left to stay on the trail.


As you finish your stroll on the golf course, you are rewarded with views of a gorgeous weeping cherry tree. Continue along the trail through a neighborhood until you return to the Newbridge pool. Then grab some water, have a seat, and call your real estate agent.

What other trails should we cover on Modern Reston? Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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