Trail Tour: An Ideal Mile Loop in South Reston

It’s still warm out, but you have to train for a race. Or perhaps you’d like a comfortable place to begin an exercise routine, walk your dog, or take your kids for a bike ride. If you’re looking for a flat mile in almost complete shade, we’ve found a great loop for you.

Reston boasts 55 miles of paved trails through forests and along lakes. Modern Reston will be highlighting several of these paths in our series of Trail Tours. First in this series is the Turquoise Trail in South Reston.

A mile loop on the Turquoise Trail in Reston, Virginia

Map credit: RunKeeper app

The Turquoise Trail is a 4.74mi trail that connects South Lakes Village Center and Hunters Woods Village Center. Halfway along the trail, just west of Soapstone Dr., is a mile-long loop that has full shade during the warm months. The trail is smoothly paved and essentially flat, which makes it a great location for biking, skating, or pushing a stroller. Young children can also easily ride their bikes along the trail. If you’re training for a race and looking for a path that is comfortable in warm weather, try running laps here.

One lap measures 1.05mi. Because the trail follows a stream, it does have a slight incline — about 15-20 feet elevation over half a mile. By Reston standards, that is flat!

Turquoise Trail in Reston, Virginia

To access this loop, park on Soapstone Drive where it intersects with the Turquoise Trail. Plenty of parking is available along the side of the road. You’ll see this small bridge on the west side of Soapstone Drive where you enter the trail.

Turquoise Trail in Reston, Virginia

Take a short walk to the west until you see a bridge to the right. This bridge marks the beginning of the loop. Walk past the bridge, and continue west on the trail.

Turquoise Trail in Reston, Virginia

The trail follows this rocky stream, offering several scenic views along the way.

Turquoise Trail in Reston, Virginia

Even on a bright, sunny day, this trail’s dense canopy of leaves creates a lot of shade. This is about as sunny as it gets along this path.

Turquoise Trail in Reston, Virginia

Two small swingsets are located along this loop, in case you are traveling with little ones.

Turquoise Trail in Reston, Virginia

If you look closely, you’re likely to see plenty of wildlife in this area of Reston. Sometimes you don’t even have to look closely – this deer was standing right next to the path.

Turquoise Trail in Reston, Virginia

Three laps around this path will have you ready for that upcoming 5K, and you won’t get this kind of shade or scenery while running laps at the South Lakes High School track.

Do you have a favorite Reston trail that you would like Modern Reston to feature? We’d love to hear about some great hidden spots around town.

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  • Janis Dworkis

    Wow — love this story — and would love to see more like it! This is GREAT! Thank you!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Janis! I can’t wait to feature more trails. I’m very open to trail suggestions!

  • Nick Rudnev

    Trail around Lake Thoreau is good too. Multiple playground stops. And geocaching

  • Fran Lovaas

    We love walking around Lake Anne and Lake Newport.

  • MaggieSays

    Thanks for the heads up about this trail! I just used it to do my first day of C25K. You inspired me!

    • Wow, Maggie, that’s so cool! I’m happy to have given you the idea! Rock on with your C25K training. 🙂