Photo Gallery: Candlelight Vigil in Memory of Bob Simon

The Reston community is saddened by the loss of Reston founder Robert E. Simon, who passed away this week at the age of 101. Hundreds of community members gathered at Lake Anne Plaza on Friday, September 25, 2015 to celebrate his memory. They lit candles along the waterfront, and sang “This Little Light of Mine” and “Amazing Grace.” It was a truly beautiful experience and a fitting tribute to man who inspired so many of us.


Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-04 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-03 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-05 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-06 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-07 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-08 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-10 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-10a Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-14 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-15 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-12 Bob-Simon-candlelight-vigil-13

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Photo credit: Charlotte Geary

  • Elliott de Luca

    Beautiful shots… for someone who came to Reston in 1967 and for most intents and purposes, “left” in the mid-80s over-building boom, THIS is the Reston I know and love. The 60s and 70s Reston… the “hippy” Reston… where nature and interacting with people (in-person) took precedent over commerce. Thank you Mr. Simon for giving me and so many others a truly remarkable place to grow up.

    • taffytoo

      you are so right….We moved here from Chicago in 1972…best decision we ever made…

  • taffytoo

    beautifully put together album….only photo missing is the statue of Robt. Simon sitting on his bench..