Photo Gallery: Chalk on the Water Festival at Lake Anne

The last couple weeks have been quiet here at Modern Reston, because both of your MR hostesses coincidentally scheduled European vacations for the same time. Michelle and I are both disappointed to have missed last weekend’s chalk festival at Lake Anne, because it’s such a wonderful event.

Thank goodness for photography contributions to help us see what we missed! We are very grateful to Alejo Pesce, Sam Marshall, and Cindy Williams for documenting the Chalk on the Water festival on June 13-14, 2015, and sharing their photos with us.

Alejo Pesce of Flutterphoto took the following photographs with a drone that he flew over the festival.


Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-aerial-photo-by-Alejo-Pesce-02 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-aerial-photo-by-Alejo-Pesce-03 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-aerial-photo-by-Alejo-Pesce-04Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-aerial-photo-by-Alejo-Pesce-06 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-aerial-photo-by-Alejo-Pesce-07 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-aerial-photo-by-Alejo-Pesce-08 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-aerial-photo-by-Alejo-Pesce-09

Samantha Marshall of Sweet Memories Photography took these photographs of artists in action and some of the creations.

Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Samantha-Marshall-01 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Samantha-Marshall-02 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Samantha-Marshall-03 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Samantha-Marshall-04 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Samantha-Marshall-05 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Samantha-Marshall-06

Lake Anne shopkeeper Cindy Williams of PetMAC contributed these photos and captions.


Steve presenting people standing on the world. Enlisting passersby to become part of the art.

Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Cindy-Williams-03 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Cindy-Williams-04 Lake-Anne-chalk-festival-photo-by-Cindy-Williams-05

Erin Gable drawing “tree and a hand… and something in the middle.”


Lucia memorializing her darling Cavalier King Charles “Charlie”


The Grand Prize winner! Such an amazing piece of art! Done by the son of Vicky who owns Kalypso’s Sports Tavern.

(Editor’s note: Grand Prize winner Ioannis Hadjikryriakou is also the brilliant artist who drew the monorail for Modern Reston’s April Fool’s Day post. Well done, Johnny! We’re proud to know you.)

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