Photo Gallery: Fourth of July Holiday Weekend at Lake Anne

It was an exciting holiday weekend at Lake Anne! The Fourth of July weekend offered beach parties, fire dancers, neighborhood celebrations, and (unauthorized) fireworks. Here are some photos from the weekend.


Kalypso’s Sports Tavern started off the holiday weekend with the restaurant’s fifth anniversary celebration on Friday, July 3rd. The team at Kalypso’s transported a truckload of sand onto the restaurant’s patio, and created a giant sandbox to go along with their beach party theme. The party also included beach balls, tropical decorations and party favors, and live music on the patio.


Vicky Hadjikyriakou (above left), the owner of Kalypso’s, greeted customers like family. Meanwhile, a musician played the steel drums and sang tropical calypso music.


The highlight of Kalypso’s fifth anniversary party on Friday night was a performance by Dance Afire Productions, a theatrical fire dance company from Washington, D.C. It was a thrilling show and a huge hit with the crowd!

Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-05-fire-dancing Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-04-fire-dancing Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-07-fire-dancing Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-08-fire-dancing Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-09-fire-dancing Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-10-fire-dancing Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-11-fire-dancing Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-13-fireworks

At the end of the dance performance, an unexpected fireworks show surprised the crowd. (Fireworks were unaffiliated with Kalypso’s, but perfectly timed.)


After the fire dance performance, Suz’s Blues Band performed inside Kalypso’s. The party continued until 1:30am.

The next day was the Fourth of July, and in true Reston style, community parties surrounded Lake Anne (and the rest of town). I love Reston in the summertime!

Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-14 Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-15 Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-16 Fourth-of-July-weekend-Lake-Anne-17

I hope your holiday weekend was a great one!

Photo credit for all photos: Charlotte Geary

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