Reston Farm Market: Fall Family Fun Right Here in Town

With all the fall festivals happening in Northern Virginia this month, families are making the trek into the countryside to be surrounded by pumpkins, fall colors, and children’s entertainment. What you might not know is that there is a great spot for fall excitement right here in Reston.

Reston Farm Market

The Reston Farm Market is a colorful autumn playground that is free to explore. You can take a walk through its variety of pumpkins and mums, and visit the farm animals and hay bale playground. For a small fee, children can play in the bounce houses or ride the train. A large variety of decorations, gourds, and food are available for purchase. The end result is a fun family outing that is less expensive than the big festivals and much closer to home.


The Reston Farm Market is located at the intersection of Baron Cameron Avenue and Leesburg Pike. It sits in the location of a market by the same name that was beloved in Reston from 1974 until it closed in 1997. The original Reston Farm Market was a community gathering place for locally-grown produce and seasonal celebrations. Long-time Reston residents still speak fondly of the market’s hayrides and cider in the autumn, and bonfires and Christmas carols in the winter.

Reston Farm Market

The Reston Market is now owned by Yup and Sam Kong, who were inspired by tales of the original market’s impact on the community. They created a new Reston Market for today’s families, with an emphasis on fun and relaxation. “Life is so stressful these days. We want to have a place for families to rest and make memories,” Yup says.

Their efforts have created a colorful place that is exciting for kids and peaceful for adults. The Kongs have plans underway to further refine their property, with landscaping, streams, and year-round activities. Currently the Reston Market is open only during the autumn months and the winter holidays, but the Kongs plan to create a garden for families to visit throughout the year. They intend to add a bakery and coffee shop, so parents can enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while their kids run around outdoors. That sounds like a coffee shop I’m eager to visit!


In the meanwhile, there are already plenty of ways to keep children happily occupied. One of the highlights is the Reston Farm Market Express train, which escorts kids through the pumpkin patch while playing upbeat children’s music.


Their menagerie of farm animals currently includes baby pigs and goats.


A bouncy castle and inflated slide are huge hits with the young visitors.

Reston-Farm-Market-07 Reston-Farm-Market-03

Inside the barn is a varied selection of fall produce, fall home decorations, and local groceries like honey, cider, and jam.


Outside is a huge variety of pumpkins for sale, in more shapes and colors than I knew existed. A teepee, pond, and apple launcher add to the fun.

If you bring your family to this local fall festival, I recommend coming in the late afternoon, when the sun is filtering through the trees and the crowds are small. Pack a picnic dinner, buy some cider and fresh gala apples, and sit at one of the tables located near a play area. Relax and smile as your kids wear themselves out on a cozy fall day.

The Reston Farm Market is located at 10800 Baron Cameron Ave, near the intersection with Leesburg Pike. You can reach them at 703-759-0000. They will be open through the fall for pumpkins and firewood, and through December for Christmas trees and holiday fun.