LineWorks: The Latest Exhibit at GRACE

Line drawing is one of the first artistic methods we learn as children. It’s a technique that most of us can understand, regardless of our experience with art. That approachability is the reason I was so curious about LineWorks, the latest exhibit at the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE). This exhibit features the multi-media creations of five…

November 14, 2014

Imagist Exhibit: The League of Reston Artists Combine Painting and Poetry

An art professor taught me years ago that we should look at art without reading labels. Don’t let captions tell you how to respond to artwork, he said. I see the merit of that viewpoint, but personally I prefer to hear what an artist has to say about his or her inspiration. To me, artists’…

October 23, 2014

ArtSpace Herndon: The Art Scene Next Door

I know it sounds far-fetched, but sometimes (just sometimes) we need to look beyond Reston’s boundaries and explore our neighboring towns. Herndon, just a couple miles up the road, has a burgeoning art scene and an October packed with events. We visited the hub of their artist community, ArtSpace Herndon, to see the current exhibit and to chat…

September 29, 2014

Reston Multicultural Festival Art Exhibit: “Art Mirrors Culture”

The colorful dancers and newly naturalized citizens get much of the attention at the annual Reston Multicultural Festival. Tucked inside Lake Anne’s Reston Community Center, though, is one of the quieter gems of the festival – an exhibit called “Art Mirrors Culture.” This exhibit features local artists’ response to the question, “How does art mirror culture in…

September 26, 2014