Imagist Exhibit: The League of Reston Artists Combine Painting and Poetry

An art professor taught me years ago that we should look at art without reading labels. Don’t let captions tell you how to respond to artwork, he said. I see the merit of that viewpoint, but personally I prefer to hear what an artist has to say about his or her inspiration. To me, artists’ words enhance their creations.

That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed the artRESTON: Imagist exhibit so much. This judged show is the latest exhibit by the League of Reston Artists, and most of the artwork is accompanied by the artists’ poetry.

The League of Reston Artists is a non-profit, all volunteer group of over 120 visual artists. LRA has been in Reston for over 45 years, and holds over 30 exhibits each year. Throughout October, LRA is hosting the Imagist exhibit at the Jo Ann Rose Gallery at Lake Anne’s Reston Community Center. The show features paintings and mixed media artwork in a large variety of styles. I’m always impressed by the range of talent within our local community.

Here is a small selection of some of the pieces from this exhibit. Be sure to stop by the Reston Community Center at Lake Anne to see the full show.

"Lighthearted" by Alessandra Ricci - League of Reston Artists

“Lighthearted” by Alessandra Ricci (oil)


A fleeting moment,
The essence of spontaneous joy,
All encompassing, caressing the body and
soul like wind-blown gauze.

We recognize the aura of happiness,
A flushing and diffuse warmth that reveals
the heartfelt contentment of the moment.

By Alessandra Ricci

"Mountain Highway" by Rudy Guernica

“Mountain Highway” by Rudy Guernica (acrylic)

Mountain Highway

Wanderer, your footsteps
are the way and nothing more;
Wanderer, there is no way,
the way is made as we walk.
By walking you make the way,
and if you turn to look behind you see
the trail that never should twice be stepped upon.
Wanderer there is no way
but foam trails on the sea.

By Rudy Guernica

Waterview, Lake Anne by Karen Danenberger - League of Reston Artists

“Waterview, Lake Anne” by Karen Danenberger (acrylic)

Waterview, Lake Anne

House of straw, house of sticks,
Over the bridge, five houses of bricks.
House too big, house too small,
The mirror image captures them all.

Four houses stand as Lake Anne’s icon,
While tai chi ladies get their groove on.
In the clarity of morning light,
The geese take their homeward flight.

In our memory these images repeat,
As the stamping of a thousand feet.
Procession of many lives and histories,
Just part of Lake Anne’s many mysteries.

By Karen Danenberger

"Self Portrait with Arthritic Hands" by Ruth Sievers - League of Reston Artists

“Self Portrait with Arthritic Hands” by Ruth Sievers (oil)

Self Portrait with Arthritic Hands

When I was young,
I did not believe that all things were possible.
Now that I’ve aged,
I know it’s true.

By Ruth Sievers

"Aftermath - Tsunami" by Pam Coulter - League of Reston Artists

“Aftermath – Tsunami” by Pam Coulter (acrylic)


Growls like crouching tiger,
Born in the deep, racing, growling
To conquer the shore.

One whole town, multitude
Sounds passing, gone, gone,
Save the wind and roar of fire.
Fateful silence.

By Pam Coulter

"Thorns + All" by Gennara Moore - League of Reston Artists

“Thorns + All” by Gennara Moore (mixed media)

Thorns + All

Don’t look into my eyes
They’re the window to my soul
You may see into my heart
You may know me
Thorns + All

By Gennara Moore


“Reflective” by Melanie Z Stanley (mixed media)


The rooster appears
To watch and wait
While the hens gathered near him
What is he thinking?
What does he fear?
That one of us
Might disappear?
One hen jumps up
To a willow limb
“He’s reflecting,” she says
Don’t bother him!

By Melanie Z Stanley

There are so many more great pieces and poems in this exhibit. Stop by the Reston Community Center at Lake Anne Plaza to see the rest. Admission to the Jo Ann Rose Gallery is free, and exhibits change each month. artRESTON: Imagist will be on display until November 2, 2014. For more information, contact the League of Reston Artists or the Jo Ann Rose Gallery at Reston Community Center Lake Anne.

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