The 2016 Reston Home Tour Features Local Residences that Embrace Change

I love the creative inspiration of home tours (as well as HGTV, Houzz, and design blogs), but looking at photos of interiors isn’t nearly as interesting as actually walking through real houses. That’s why the annual Reston Home Tour is so fun. It’s a self-guided tour of especially beautiful or fascinating local homes. This year’s tour takes place on October 15, 2016.

The Reston Home Tour is the major fundraiser for the Reston Historic Trust and Museum, which is a community organization that offers exhibits, archives, and events. I recommend the tour to anyone interested in design, architecture, real estate, or remodeling. The theme for this year’s tour is “Embracing Change,” and it features properties of people who have made large changes in their lives and their surroundings.

The stops on this year’s tour include:

  • Six private residences, which have been selected for interior design and architecture
  • The new BLVD apartments at Reston Station, which will include a “tasting of fall” in the community kitchen and 360-degree views from the 21st floor
  • The Wine Cabinet at North Point Village Center , which will offer a wine tasting from 1-5pm
  • The Reston Museum, which will be open all day

This is the tenth and final year that Bonnie Haukness is serving as the chairperson of the Reston Home Tour. She says that in the spirit of this year’s theme, she is embracing change by stepping down next year and finding two replacements for her role. I spoke with Bonnie about this year’s tour, and she shared some photos and information about each the properties that will be featured.



A real Reston original, this home is filled with drama featuring a one-of-a-kind floor plan! The docents will be there to assist as the floorplan can be confusing –  the kitchen, after all, is under the garage. After sixteen years in their Fairfax City home, back problems motivated the owners to look for one-level living. Instead, they chose a five-level house! The elevator made it a possibility, and an extensive renovation has made it their own. The modest front elevation belies the dramatic structure when viewed from the rear of the house where all levels are visible.



On a cold spring day they left their condo in DC, and drove to the end of their commute possibility, Reston. It was a quick decision, inspired by their need to accommodate a growing family and a grand piano – one of their most treasured pieces. Fourteen years and lots of creative energy later, they have renovated every space! Removing walls and adding windows, they opened the spaces and added lots of light and architectural interest. Their kitchen was even featured on Houzz. Still evolving and changing as their children grow, the house is always a work in progress.



He’s from New Zealand, she’s from New Jersey, and they have traveled the world, meeting in San Francisco. Today they are happy to call Reston home. The home was built in 1988 with the architect’s inspiration being Nantucket-style homes. The open floor plan and multiple vaulted ceilings were ahead of their time in Virginia’s housing market, and that has allowed the owners to alter the spaces with their renovations, switching living and dining rooms and raising the height of the family room. Keeping cherished treasures and family heirlooms; they started over with most of the furnishings, as well. It continues to be the center of their busy lives providing space for dinner parties with many international friends and Chris’s business partners, where Lynn is often the only American present.



For the past thirty years Steve and John have collected many pieces that tell their story. A Ceremonial Circumcision apron from the Ndeble Tribe of South Africa shares space with a Czechoslovakia chandelier and a mantle clock inherited from a penny-pincher uncle. The clock only works when two pennies are wedged under one side! The balcony overlooking the pool adds to their living space and is their favorite “room”. Portraits of their pets, Lovey and Cleo, painted in the style of Frida Khalo, were created by Reston artist, Lisa Malchow. A brand new kitchen is in the works, and we anticipate something special by tour day.



Returning from an assignment in Burkina Faso in 1993, Zahra found Windsor Park with the help of an old friend from Dubai, now a Reston realtor. Concentrating on features important to them:  children could walk to school and pool, and explore creeks and paths, they found the perfect fit. More overseas assignments followed – Geneva, Paris, Tanzania – but home was always here for them when they returned. Often these home trips involved renovation, and today her home is an amazing showcase of art and contemporary and traditional craft from around the world.



The original architect was Louis Sauer, an American architect and design theorist, who in the 1960’s typically worked with housing developers, producing low-rise high-density housing projects. One whole year in design with the architect, and another in construction (so far!), this home is extraordinary in every way! The kitchen combines sleek, modern cabinetry and high-end appliances with exposed steel beams, recessed LED light-strips and Quartz countertops. The NaNaWall in the adjoining space is sure to quicken your pulse bringing the outside in and transforming the deck to a living area. Speaking of the deck, the boards continue up the abutting wall, producing a ‘peel-off’ effect! Hot new paint colors, including Outrageous Orange, Honolulu Blue and Chantilly Lace, may inspire you to go home and get your brush out. A bedroom became a closet, the living room is now the dining room with adjoining office space, and large expanses of glass have replaced walls.



Still a work in progress, Reston Station is adding new dimension to our community! All the hot buttons are covered in this 21-story luxury apartment building – a rooftop pool with 360-degree views to Sugarloaf Mountain and Tysons, a ninth-floor outdoor living space complete with a pavilion and manicured gardens, culinary inspired kitchens and social gathering spaces. All this located in a walkable, amenity-rich environment surrounded by restaurants and shops. Enjoy a tasting of the season for tour participants during your stop. You’ll see why Love Where You Live is the motto!

The Reston Home Tour takes place Saturday, October 15, 2016. It is a self-guided tour, and tickets are available for $30 online. Order them in advance, because they are likely to sell out.

Photo credit: Bob Haukness
Photo descriptions: Reston Home Tour

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