DMV Music Series, Vol. 2: Reston Locals RDGLDGRN Debut New Music

DC has rich music history that includes major players in the genres of punk, jazz, indie rock, and it’s own musical style of funk called go-go. And while some of the bands from the past are legends, we thought it would be fun to delve into what’s happening today. In our DC Music Series, we’ll introduce you to the creative and talented musicians producing new sounds and playing gigs around the metro area.

If you haven’t heard of RDGLDGRN (pronounced red gold green) then you are in for a real treat. This trio of South Lakes grads made some serious waves a couple years back with their debut album that featured the likes of Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters (another Northern Virginian). Their sound is characterized as Indie Go-Go, a combination of indie rock and a syncopated, uniquely DC rhythm known as go-go.

After seeing RDGLDGRN on Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways series on HBO, I wondered what they were up to and if they were working on any new music. I caught up with them and they were gracious enough to answer a few questions for Modern Reston.


Andrei Busuioceanu (Gold), Pierre Desrosiers (Green) and Marcus Parham (Red)

1. For our readers who are unfamiliar with RDGLDGRN, can you tell us a little about your music and about your connection to Reston?

(Answered by Andrei Busuioceanu, a.k.a Gold)

Our music has the influence of DC’s local Go-Go rhythm combined with different styles of music/art that we appreciate. Growing up in Reston, it was nice to feel so connected to the city, listening to Go-Go music at 10pm on the radio. Our music brings a lot of energy and fun, whether you are listening through your headphones or catching a live show. My family fell in love with Reston because of Lake Anne, where they still live today. The style of the plaza is super European, which felt very welcoming. Being from Romania, it made my family feel close to home. I grew up in the Lake Anne area and have been performing in the local band scene since I was in high school. I remember how tiny Reston Town Center was at that time. Over the years, RTC would grow and expand, and I recall comparing that with the progression of my musical endeavors. I will always appreciate the natural beauty of Reston and its encouragement for the arts. My art teachers from South Lakes always inspired me the most (Thank you Mr. Carter and Mrs. Saylor) and exchanging kind words with Robert E. Simon at the plaza adds years to my life.”


Video for Doing the Most, in collaboration with Pharrell and Dave Grohl

(Answers to the rest by RED)

2. I hear you are debuting new music very soon. Is this a full album? What can we expect, music-wise?

Yes, we have been working on new music since March of last year and actually scrapped an entire group of songs since then. Music-wise you’ll hear music to dance to, music you can roll the windows down and cruise to, and music you can rage with us at show! Topically, these songs touch on some of the things that have happened to us recently, so make sure you pay attention to find out what.

3. For your last album you collaborated with some major industry heavyweights, did you work with anyone you are particularly excited about this go ’round?

The album is currently still in production but we have done all the writing so far.

4. Where did you record your new material, did you work in a local studio or travel?

We’ve done some work at Sleepy Hollows in Herndon, but mainly we went back to the home studio setups in our parents basements.


5. How does RDGLDGRN fit into the DC Music Scene? (Any local influences, bands you listen to, etc…?)

We come from the DC Music Scene! We came up doing countless shows at DC9, Velvet Lounge, Rock & Roll Hotel, Uhall, Lincoln Theatre, Black Cat, including open mics at LIV and Asylum (before it closed). Our local influences range from the late great Chuck Brown to Rosetta Stoned, there’s so much talent in this area.

Hear more music from RDGLDGRN here.

Thanks so much to RDGLDGRN for taking the time to chat with us! These guys are a class act and supremely talented.

For what promises to be a high energy, dance-your-ass-off party, go see RDGLDGRN debut their new music live on June 18th at the U Street Music Hall. Purchase tickets here.