Longing for Summer? Try the Indoor Paddleboard Classes at Crunch Fitness Reston

Are the frozen lakes taunting you? Is this endless winter bumming you out? Do you long to paddleboard in the warm summer sun with nothing on but a bathing suit and SPF 1,050?

Well, we have found the next best thing! The indoor Surf classes at Crunch Fitness in Reston Town Center are an excellent alternative to to the real thing, but in a comfortable 72 degrees. These classes will keep your core strong and your balance sharp so you can be totally beach (lake) ready after the thaw.

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Crunch Fitness instructor Kym Swank leads an H2Om class

Crunch offers two different Surf classes, SurfSet® & Sand and H2Om. SurfSET® & Sand is a circuit style class using weighted sandbags that is inspired by the dynamic movements of surfing. H2Om is a yoga class that is designed to challenge balance, build strength, and improve flexibility.

Both classes use the RipSurfer X® board that was designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing without the ocean. You can adjust the resistance, or wobbliness, by removing the bands on the side or by removing air from the balls under the board. I never quite got over my fear of falling onto the floor, rather than into water, and hung on for dear life for the whole class. Needless to say, my entire body felt it the next day.

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These boards add a whole new dimension to a typical yoga class. There is no slacking, you are clenched for the entire hour!

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We spoke with Bianca Privitera, the Group Fitness Director at Crunch, and she explained that the Surf classes are growing in popularity. The teachers must be certified on the boards through Crunch Corporate Training in addition to being certified in yoga (for H2Om). Crunch updates their group class schedule every quarter and these classes are relatively new this year in Reston.

Bianca also added that while women initially find their balance faster than men on the boards, the learning curve is short and men find these classes incredibly beneficial.

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You must be a member of Crunch Fitness to take these class but their membership fee is one of the most affordable in town. The monthly fee hovers around $50 per month (price can vary) which is a great deal considering it includes unlimited classes.

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After a few months on the indoor board, you are sure to look like this come summer!


Crunch Fitness Reston Town Center
11951 Freedom Drive
Reston, VA 20190

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