Two of the Best Places for Sledding in Reston

This week Reston is buried in snow, and temperatures won’t be rising above freezing any time soon. The good news is that this snow is fluffy and powdery, and absolutely perfect for snow sports.

So where are the best spots to go play in the snow? Technically there are no officially designated sledding areas in Reston, and any sledding done on private property can be problematic. But Reston has some huge hills that have become beloved sled areas over the years. Here are two of the best in town.


This long and steep slope is located on Hidden Creek Golf Course, between Isaac Newton Square and North Shore Drive, in the Golf Course Island area. The most convenient parking lot is at Isaac Newton Square, but it’s a bit of a hike from the parking lot to the hill. Park at the northwest corner of Isaac Newton Square, and walk between the buildings onto the golf course.

This is a gorgeous place to be on a snowy day. There are rolling hills and wide open spaces, with a stream winding along the bottom of the slopes.

Sledding in Reston, Virginia

The main sledding hill is tricky to find if you arrive from Isaac Newton Square, because it faces away from you toward North Shore Drive. Look for an area with tall grasses rising out of the snow — you’ll find a surprisingly long and steep hill on the other side of the grass.


This hill is fast! Such a thrill! You can even find (or create) little jumps in some areas of the hill.


If you or your kids would prefer a slower option, there are lots of less steep hills right there on the golf course. A whole family could come to this field and find the right slope for everyone. Cautious kids, daredevil adults, and even tiny toddlers could all be happy there.


Be warned that there is a creek at the bottom of the hill! Part of the fun of King Kong Hill is trying to stop before you crash into it. Another option is to cross country ski along the stream on a snowy Reston day.


I have not been able to find out how King Kong Hill got its name. Do any of you know? It is a fitting name for this monstrous hill, though. It’s even worth all the steep walks back up the hill, and the long walk back to the car when you’re done.


This hill is the granddaddy of Reston sledding. It’s located behind the Unitarian Universalist Church at 1625 Wiehle Avenue, at the intersection with Fairway Drive. Drive to the end of the parking lot, and you’ll find the hill right there.

Sledding at Mt. Reston in Northern Virginia

Aerial photo by Mike Tracy

Mt. Reston is massive. It’s steep and seems to go on for ages. It slopes down to a valley that has a creek running through it. Like with King Kong Hill, part of the fun is trying to stop before you get there. Or for particularly bold people, trying to jump over it.


Aerial photo by Mike Tracy

If the long walk from the parking lot to King Kong Hill is a deterrent for you, you’ll love the convenience of Mt. Reston. You can park your car immediately at the top of the hill. Of course you’ll still have to walk back up that huge hill after every run!


This hill is intense, and might be frightening for  younger sledders. It does have variations in the slope, with less steep areas. I’ve seen many small children manage it happily.


Legend has it that there used to be a rope-pull ski lift up this hill. It isn’t there anymore, but I can see why it would come in handy. This hill is no joke.


Reston is such a fun place for kids to grow up. And for grown-ups to be kids.

Where else do you love to go sledding in this area? Tell us in the comments!

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