Halloween Candy Buy-Back in Reston

Are you overloaded with Halloween candy today? Here’s a way you can send it to the troops overseas, and help Children’s National Hospital at the same time. Bring your extra candy to Plaza America on Monday, November 3rd to contribute. We love the idea of teaching kids to use their candy for charity!

Halloween candy donations in Reston, Virginia

The following is a guest post from Astrid Tisseront of Tisseront Orthodontics.
Photo credit: Maloree Kanney

Don’t be afraid of that big pile of leftover Halloween Candy sitting in your cupboard (BOO!) – bring it to Tisseront Orthodontics in Plaza America on Monday, November 3rd from 12-4pm! Dr. Tisseront will donate $2 per pound of candy that you bring – $1 goes to Children’s National and $1 goes to you – we encourage you to donate your dollar to Children’s as well. We’ll have a big truck coming in to pick up all the candy collected – then the candy will head overseas to our Troops along with drawings, notes and photos from our community.

There is more to be excited about as well! We’ll have hot apple cider, temporary tattoos, Halloween music, and a new game this year – Pin the Smile on the Pumpkin! And to top it off, there will be raffle drawing held at 4pm – for each pound of candy that you bring, you will get 1 raffle ticket. You can win an iPod Shuffle and other fun prizes. The more candy you bring the more chances you have to win!

This will be Dr. Tisseront’s 9th Annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back. Since the first Buy-Back, he has donated over $10,000 to Children’s! Help us beat the record we set last year of 1,575 pounds of candy – come by on Monday, November 3rd from 12-4pm! We can’t wait to see you there!

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Halloween-candy-buy-back-Reston-03 Halloween candy buy-back in Reston, Virginia

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