Oktoberfest Reston 2014: Photo Gallery

Music, bratwurst, and beer lured revelers to Reston Town Center all weekend. Oktoberfest Reston transformed the Pavilion into a beer garden and had people dancing in the streets. Traditional German musicians and dancers performed during the afternoons, and live bands and DJs played contemporary dance music until late in the evenings. Throughout the weekend, a carnival offered thrill rides and games.

This annual event always brings a huge crowd of diverse people. Here are a few of the sights from Oktoberfest Reston 2014.


Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-06 Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-ferris-wheel Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-bratwurst Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-05 Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-clarinet Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-07 Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-carnival Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-dancing Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-carnival-02 Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-evening


Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-carnival-night Oktoberfest-Reston-2014-carnival-night-02

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Did you go to Oktoberfest Reston this year? What were your highlights?