Airbnb Offers a Host of Options for Visiting Guests & Traveling Abroad

With the holidays approaching and family and friends threatening to visit, most of us will be faced with the reality that our homes are not houseguest ready. If your family eschews the idea of staying in a hotel for something homier, consider Airbnb. Airbnb is a community website where travelers can book spaces (homes/rooms) from hosts. It is completely secure and requires a valid drivers license to book. You probably only think of Airbnb for traveling to far off places but there are a bunch of listings right here in Reston and NoVA for apartments, condos, townhouses, etc. You can customize your search by price, location and type of space.


We did a quick search of entire homes in the area for the week of Thanksgiving and came up with these results. As you can see, there 5-6 in Reston and several in surrounding areas. You can browse large photos, see details about the property and contact the seller. The inventory changes regularly depending on the dates, so check frequently. You can also see reviews from people who have previously booked spaces to get a good sense of what the place is like.

With Airbnb, this may be the best family visit ever!

On the flip side, if you are looking to get away over the holidays Airbnb is an awesome resource for places to lay your head and live like a local. We did a few searches in the states and around the globe for available places in late December. Many of the listings are cheaper than hotels in the same areas. Maybe one will catch your eye and inspire you to buy a plane ticket today!

NEW YORK CITY (search results)

New York City NYC Airbnb Travel Modern Reston

OUTER BANKS, NC (search results)

Outer Banks NC Airbnb Travel Modern Reston Outer Banks NC Airbnb Travel Modern Reston

BRECKENRIDGE, CO (search results)

Breckenridge CO Airbnb Travel Modern Reston

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (search results)

San Francisco CA Airbnb Travel Modern Reston

KYOTO, JAPAN (search results)

Kyoto Japan Airbnb Travel Modern Reston

FLORENCE, ITALY (search results)

Florence Italy Airbnb Travel Modern Reston

LONDON (search results)

London UK Airbnb Travel Modern Reston

Have you used Airbnb before? If so, what was your experience? Would you use them again?