Toys for All Ages at the New Plaza at Tysons Corner Center

I had no idea something this cool was hiding outside Tysons Corner until I stumbled upon it. You can’t see it from the road or inside the mall. The new Plaza at Tysons Corner Center sits on a bridge outside the second story of the mall, and it’s filled with fun, free ways to spend an afternoon.

The Plaza opened just a few weeks ago, in connection with the new Silver Line. The Tysons Corner Metro stop connects to the mall via a pedestrian bridge that leads to this open area. It’s located between Lord and Taylor and the new Hyatt. The surrounding areas, including the bridge to the Metro, are still under construction, but the Plaza is open and ready.

The Plaza at Tysons Corner Center

On a recent sunny Sunday afternoon, people of all ages filled the Plaza, just hanging out and enjoying the weather. The only business currently located there is the Shake Shack, a quick-service restaurant specializing in all-natural Angus beef burgers and decadent frozen custard. If you’d rather grab carryout from a restaurant inside the mall, you can sit at one of the many tables on the Plaza. It’s so much more enjoyable than eating in the food court! The Plaza is set up wonderfully for cooler weather, too, with several cozy couches that surround fire pits.

The best part of the Plaza is the way it has been designed for recreation. Games are scattered around the plaza, free of charge!

Chess and the Shake Shack at the Plaza at Tysons Corner Center

If you want to relax with a glass of wine (or a chocolate malted milkshake that you don’t want to share), your kids can play chess while you relax on the Shake Shack patio.

Pirate ship playground at the Plaza at Tysons Corner Center

Also located next to the Shake Shake is this tremendous pirate ship playground. The play area is fenced in, and the ground is covered in a bouncy rubber flooring that will give you piece of mind as you continue to enjoy your milkshake. This is a great playground option for damp days when you don’t want to take your kids to a muddy park.

Ping pong at the Plaza at Tysons Corner Center Cornhole at the Plaza at Tysons Corner Center

People of all ages play ping pong and cornhole at the mall entrance.

Jenga at the Plaza at Tysons Corner Center

An area of circular benches contains a play area with blocks. Teens and adults create Jenga towers, while young children use the bricks as building blocks or dominoes.

The Plaza at Tysons Corner Center

According to their website, Tysons Corner Center offers lots of fun events on the Plaza, including concerts, outdoor movies, and a kids club. A weekly farmers market will begin in 2015. The Plaza is definitely worth a visit even without a special event taking place.

This new space has helped to transform part of hectic, car-dependent Tysons Corner into a refreshingly pleasant outdoor experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next with Tysons Corner in this new Silver Line era.

Have you visited the new Plaza at Tysons Corner Center? What did you think? Have you attended one of their special events yet?