Food Truck Wednesday Returns to RTC

Leave your sad sack lunch at home — tomorrow is Food Truck Wednesday at Reston Town Center!

I don’t work at Town Center but if I did THIS would be the most exciting day of the month. I tend to eat lunch at my desk getting crumbs in my keyboard and inevitably spilling some sort of detox juice on my TPS reports. The brilliant colors of the food trucks and their wafting aromas beckon weary office workers from afar. The smiling owners, who possess an uncanny zest for life and passion for their culinary specialties, serve up fresh delicacies that are infused with the best ingredients and, of course, love. Oh, the thrill of escaping fluorescent lights to soak up bright sunshine (and Vitamin D!) while standing in line is almost too much to handle…

Where was I? Oh yes, Food Truck Wednesday. Here’s the who’s who and what’s what of Reston’s food truck world.

Not all of them participate each month. It’s a good idea to check their Twitter feeds for their most up-to-date locations.


DC Empanadas 
DC Empanadas is proud to serve DC’s only mobile gourmet empanadas. Their empanadas are made with the freshest, local and top-quality ingredients. Each one is handmade and filled with a world of flavors. The menu includes chicken, pork, beef and vegetarian options.

Willie’s Po’Boy
Willie’s Po’ Boy serves up the finest New Orleans po’ boys in Northern Virginia.

DC Empanadas Willie's Po'boy Food Trucks IMG_4710IMG_4687

Pho Wheels
PhoWheels offers a modern interpretation of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, where comforting favorite dishes blend seamlessly with bold new flavors that will entice your palate. Vietnamese cuisine like you’ve never experienced before.


Photo from Pho Wheels

A roaming restaurant serving great-tasting BBQ & comfort food classics. Visit their Facebook page for the full menu of sweet and spicy offerings.


Photos from BBQ Bus

Doug the Food Dude
A gourmet food truck that serves a variety of fresh and healthy foods such as sushi, subs, tacos, soups, stews and more. See their menu here.


Sweetz Cheesecake (a.k.a That Cheesecake Truck)
The first cheesecake truck in the nation! Sweetz serves a variety of individually-sized cheesecakes to the D.C. area. 10% of all monthly proceeds go to local charities.

Captain Cookie and the Milkman
A mobile bakery and dairy bar serving fresh-baked cookies, local creamery milk and made-to-order ice cream sandwiches. Their menu is ridiculously delicious and the truck smells like heaven.


Food trucks post their whereabouts on Twitter daily so be sure to follow your favorites.


Even if you don’t work at Reston Town Center, I recommend a little detour to sample these tasty delights. Alas, Food Truck Wednesday is but once a month.

Who are your favorite food trucks? Who would you like to see at Reston Town Center?