At the Reston Market: Photographer Visuals-KI

Every Saturday from May until November, the Reston Market exhibits arts and crafts vendors on Lake Anne Plaza. Modern Reston will introduce you to some of this diverse artwork and the fascinating people behind these creations.

First in this series is photographer Kelvin Ikhide of Visuals-KI. He lives here in Reston, and specializes in black and white photography of street scenes, landscapes, and abstracts. Several familiar Reston and DC locations appear in his landscapes. We particularly enjoy the clean lines and honest emotions in his images.


The Visuals-KI booth is available at the Reston Market on most Saturdays, with a consistent location near the church steps. Stop by and flip through his large variety of work, and ask him to tell you more about the photos that most appeal to you. You’ll enjoy his introspective explanations.

I spoke with Kelvin about our shared love of photography and his artwork:

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you became involved in photography?
I am a father of two beautiful girls with a gorgeous wife. I began making photographs about ten years ago. I would aim my camera at a lot of things that just seemed like someone should know about them, think about them, or at least remember they were there. When an image works for me, it’s because it’s captured the truth or the movement of the narrative, and some of how I felt in that instant when I clicked the shutter.

How would you describe your style of photography?
To be honest, I have no idea. I just photograph anything I feel talks to me. I prefer the end result in B&W, a language I naturally connect to photographically. One could say thats a style, but for me it’s a visual language. Hopefully viewers of my photos can feel what I feel – a vast range of emotions, tonality, composition, timing, lighting, and texture.

What do you use as your primary photographic equipment and software?
My current working system includes a Leica M Digital, a Fuji X-Pro1, a Fuji X100, and a collection of old school Minolta and Konica lenses. For software, I use Aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop occasionally for stuff I can’t get done with my primary raw converters. I use an Epson 3800 Series printer.

I asked Kelvin to share some of his favorite photographs, and to explain in his own words why they are so meaningful to him: 

Curves Series

Visuals-KI photography at the Reston Market

Theres something about this series that I personally like. Every time I look at the photographs, a feeling of uninterrupted fluidity comes to mind, if only life could be that fluid. It’s also a series I feel works anywhere if taken the time to really look. It can also be a complex series for most viewers, due to its simplicity or minimalist feel, but that simplicity, contrast, or ying/yang nature of the series touches me.

Tap Series


I am also fond of my Tap Series. I wish the viewer could have been there to experience the energy – then they would understand. For me, it’s also the motion exhibited by a young group of incredible tap dancers, rhythm all performed passionately, that speaks to me.

Life Series




Then there’s my Life series of a couple I that photographed in DC during the Chinese New year. This street photography series reminds me of the importance of everlasting love between two people. It’s too deep for me to explain in words. I think of life, commitment, endurance, most importantly, love.

Thanks very much for sharing your images and the emotional inspiration behind them, Kelvin.


If you would like to learn more about Visuals-KI and see more of Kelvin’s photographs, please visit Be sure to read about the two photography workshops he is hosting later this month. He will be covering shooting and post-production strategies, with separate classes for beginner and advanced levels.

Which artists at the Reston Market would you like to learn more about? Can you recommend one that we should interview?