At the Reston Market: Painter Rayhart

It takes only a brief conversation with Rayhart to hear his voice come through his artwork. He has a musical quality to his speech that is reflected in his fluid style of painting.

Rayhart is a painter who presents his vibrant work at the Reston Market on most Saturdays. His paintings’ bright colors and flowing brush strokes catch our eye every time he exhibits. As part of our series of market artists, we spoke with Rayhart about his artwork and perspective.

Rayhart, painter at the Reston Market at Lake Anne in Northern Virginia

Rayhart, painter at the Reston Market

Please tell us about your background and how you got involved in painting.

I’m originally from South Florida, and moved to the Northern Virginia area following graduation from Queens University of Charlotte, NC. I had majored in sociology. I am a “self-taught” artist; I do not have any formal art training. I would consider my artistic abilities as a gift from the great Creator. I began painting when a friend gave me a beginners paint set, with no idea that I would have taken to it as I have. However, from the moment I received that paint set, many years ago, I haven’t stopped painting ever since. It was almost as if I was destined to paint. The paintings come through me almost effortlessly.

Paintings by Rayhart

“Girl Talk” and “A Peace of Mind” by Rayhart

How would you describe your artistic style?

My style is poetic, open, somewhat surreal, and somewhat abstract. My innate intent is to convey a sense of peace and tranquility through my art, and to share my celebration of good living. Within each painting, I invite the viewer to be a part of the art, and to bring forth their own interpretation.

Paintings by Rayhart

“Celebration” and “Carry On” by Rayhart

How often do you plan to be at the Reston Market during the fall of 2014?

I intend to be at the Reston Market throughout the fall of 2014, every Saturday, provided I do not have another obligation. Other future shows will be posted on my website:

Paintings by Rayhart

“A Low End Theory” and “Shared Weight” by Rayhart

Rayhart has generously offered to give away a fine art print to one Modern Reston reader!

To enter leave a comment below! A winner will be chosen at random, and announced on Friday, September 26, 2014.

** This contest is now closed. **

Rayhart will be at the Reston Market at Lake Anne this weekend; stop by to see his vivid paintings in person. You can also find his work at Original paintings and limited edition fine art prints are available for purchase on his site.

Would you like to recommend an artist for us to feature on Modern Reston? We want to hear all about the artistic talent in this community.

  • Michelle Moyer

    So thrilled to see his art showcased here! I bought one of his pieces this summer and love it. Even better, I enjoy seeing him at the market each Saturday and chatting.

  • Wow–what fabulous use of color…and flow. I love your work!

  • Katharine Maddox

    Oh I love those images! I feel like you can see movement in them, if that makes sense. Wonderful use of color and contrast (especially the woman on the horse). And, the artist seems super cool.

  • MaggieSays

    I love the bright colors!

  • John Hunter

    We have one of his paintings. Love it

  • Pam F

    I met Rayhart at the Reston Market many years ago. I love telling the story about how I went to the market to buy apples and ended up buying a Rayhart painting. I’m now the proud owner of two of his paintings and I’m sure there are more in my future. I always look forward to seeing him at the market. His bright smile and peaceful energy always makes my day.

  • Janis Dworkis

    Wow — his work is beautiful! Thanks for the story.

  • Heather Clarke

    Wow, what beautiful work! My favorites are “A Peace of Mind” and “Carry On”. I definitely need to add his work to my collection. I need to get out to Reston Market one of these days.

  • lindayoung

    I have several prints and love them all. He is great.

  • christina b

    Beautiful work!

  • Dorothy W

    I love the color in these. “Carry On” and “A Low End Theory” are my favorite of the works posted because of the upright bass theme. I was surprised to read he is self taught! I’ll have to check his work out at the market. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.