Local Parkour Athletes Defy Gravity at Reston Town Center

I’d seen him flipping through the Town Center before. The guy with the wild curls and even wilder stunts was hard to miss. I thought of him as the Reston ninja, vaulting through the town, landing effortlessly on his feet, and disappearing as quickly as he’d arrived. I saw him again recently at Reston Town Center, this…

November 19, 2014

An Hour of Sunrise at Lake Anne in 15 Seconds

There is a moment most mornings when the sun peeks above the trees, and the homes of Waterview Cluster transform from soft pink to bright yellow to neutral white. Although I never considered myself a morning person, this has become my favorite time of day. Yesterday I decided to take my tripod to the lake and document the spectacle. Watch Lake…

November 12, 2014