Fairfax Pets on Wheels Bring Canine Cheer to Local Seniors

While preparing a story about Surf Reston earlier this year, I met a paddleboarding dog named AnnieBelle. I was intrigued to learn that she is part of Fairfax Pets on Wheels, a volunteer program that brings dogs to visit local assisted living facilities. The relaxed disposition that keeps AnnieBelle steady on the paddleboard also makes her a calming and friendly…

November 10, 2014

The ROMEOs: Retired Old Men Enjoying Outdoor Soccer

I knew I’d like these guys as soon as I heard that they call themselves the ROMEOS: “Retired Old Men Enjoying Outdoor Soccer – Women Welcome.” They are a group of Reston-area soccer lovers who get together once a week for an informal pickup game. People of any age or gender are invited to participate each week, but their most…

October 7, 2014