How to Make Maryland Crab Soup

Today we’re excited to have our first post from Reston writer and food blogger Mark Hoover, who runs the website Peripheral Chew. He gives us step-by-step instructions to make Maryland Crab Soup, which looks like a delicious way to celebrate these final summer days. MARYLAND CRAB SOUP by Mark Hoover I make Maryland-style crab soup about…

August 24, 2016

Clams, Oysters & Mussels are Now in Season!

It’s bivalve season! Huh? you ask. Months that end in an ‘r’ are commonly believed to be the best months for oysters, mussels and clams. Cooler waters have less of an occurrence of algae blooms which can lead to high levels of toxicity in bivalves. These shellfish also spawn during warmers months and don’t taste as…

October 20, 2014