ice cream

ice cream

A Perfectly Relaxed Summer Night at a Great Falls Concert on the Green

There’s something sublime about a picnic blanket in a grassy field with live music. Reston has some excellent summer concerts at Reston Town Center and Lake Anne Plaza, but those two bustling, paved locations are lacking in a certain coziness. If you want to stretch out in the grass with some wine and music, you don’t have to head all the…

July 15, 2015

Chemistry Doesn’t Get More Fun Than This: Nitro’s Creamery at the Reston Farmers Market

It’s science and ice cream combined! A vendor at the Reston Farmers Market has turned this summer treat into an entertaining display of chemistry in action. With fresh ingredients, your choice of flavors, and a dose of liquid nitrogen, you can have custom ice cream made right in front of you, even on the hottest days. Nitro’s Creamery…

May 12, 2015

The Excellent Coffee Hiding at Pitango Gelato

It’s possible that you walk past one of the best coffee shops in Reston without even realizing that it’s there. Pitango Gelato at Reston Town Center is known for its Italian ice cream made from organic milk and free-range eggs. What many people don’t know is that it also serves high-quality espresso prepared by some of the most skilled…

September 18, 2014

Decadent Adult Milkshakes à la Ted’s Bulletin

Cupcakes are old news. Haven’t you heard? Since Ted’s Bulletin arrived on the scene in Reston Town Center the buzz has been about spiked milkshakes—creamy, chilled confections with a mighty kick. Taking a cue from their menu, we decided to give it a-go at home and create our own milkshakes inspired by our favorite cocktails. We promise you’ll…

September 7, 2014