farmers market

farmers market

A Reston Resident’s Lavish End-of-Summer Feast

It’s September but I refuse to believe that summer is over. The produce at the Reston Farmers Market is still in full force. There is a bounty of ripe tomatoes, peaches, peppers and eggplant at the height of their season. These gorgeous fruits and vegetables are begging to be eaten NOW before they disappear to make room for squash…

September 16, 2014

At the Reston Farmers Market: Baby Ginger

When we asked Reston Farmers Market mainstay The Farm at Sunnyside what they recommend we buy now, they enthusiastically told us about their crop of baby ginger. Baby ginger is regular ginger only harvested early from September – November. It’s quite different from the ginger we are used to seeing in grocery stores. Mature ginger has a tough husk and is…

September 9, 2014